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To be a leading company in the field of electric drive and industry control.
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VEICHI is a well-known high-tech enterprise which is professionally engaged in the development, manufacturing and marketing of industrial automation control products. VEICHI Electric (Stock Code: 688698) officially landed in the A-share market and was listed on the Sci-Tech innovation board of Shanghai Stock Exchange on December 29, 2020.

With a powerful R&D team, advanced production system, independent intellectual property and 2 manufacturing bases in Shenzhen and Suzhou, and one subsidiary in India.

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Main Product Series

VEICHI products are selling well in both China and oversea countries. Now our overseas business is booming rapidly! VEICHI has developed a wide range of electrical products, covering variable frequency drives, servo systems, solar pump inverter, PLC, HMI, automation equipment and so on.

VEICHI holds the leading position in its main business of inverter manufacturing. VEICHI products are well-known as stable performance, high quality and perfect technical support. They are widely used in many fields such as lifting, machine tools, green energy, motion control, petroleum, chemical, ceramics, metal products, wire and cable, plastic, mining, metallurgy, printing and packaging, textile and chemical fiber, metallurgy, coal, municipal, power and more. If you are interested in VEICHI products, please go to products page to learn more product details.

Our Factory

Advanced Automatic Production Lines

VEICHI production lines adopt advanced automation process and excellent technological workmanship. It is equipped with optical mirror AOI contrast mode to achieve automatic inspection, PLC and IPC integrated equipment to realize automatic test and classification, the leading ESOP management system to ensure the uniformity of product and improve product reliability and so forth.

SMT Smart Workshop

VEICHI workshop has successively introduced 3DSPI, ASM high-speed mounting machine, automatic optical detector, and other automation equipment. Totally 5 fully automated SMT production lines are set up with the production capacity of more than 10,000 sets of PCB boards every day. The production efficiency is promoted more than double of the traditional production mode and the one-time qualified rate could be improved up to 99.9%.

DIP Production Line

VEICHI DIP automated production line consists of standard plug-in machine, sub-board machine, special-shaped plug-in machine, wave soldering, after furnace AOI, FCT, coating machine, glue dispenser and other equipment. Tailor-made for our main AC300, AC10 and other series of power boards. It can replace manual plug-in, sub-board, manual visual inspection, functional test, manual dispensing and other processes. Compared with the traditional line, the entire production line can reduce manpower by more than 50%, and the per capita production capacity is more than doubled. And fully automated equipment production, after reducing manual intervention, the production rate of qualified products is above 99%.

Production Assembly Process

The spare parts we need for production will first be docked with the intelligent material distribution system, and the AGV transport robot will automatically distribute them to the corresponding line body for assembly according to the demand for materials. After the assembly is completed, it enters the equipment for rigorous reliability testing. After passing the test, it can be delivered for use.

Technological Innovation

  • Adhering to the research and development concept of "technical innovation and excellence";
  • Every year about 10% of VEICHI's revenue is invested in technology research and development;
  • 528 R & D staffs, accounting for 37.16% of the total staffs VEICHI;
  • 159 authorized patents, 45 invention patents, and 82 software copyrights.

Quality Policy

  • Always keep in mind that quality is the foundation of VEICHI’s survival, and the reason for the customer to choose VEICHI;
  • We communicate customers’ requirements and expectations to the entire value chain of VEICHI accurately, to build quality together;
  • We work with customers to balance opportunities and risks, quickly responding to their needs and achieving sustainable growth;
  • We undertake to provide customers with quality-assured products, services, and solutions and consistently enable customers to experience our commitment to creating value for each of them.


  • 2023

    VEICHI Medical establishment in Jan. 2023, started application layout of micro special electrical motors and motion control in medical power system. Incorporation in robot industry chain, provides core components such as low-voltage servo motors, coreless motors, and special frameless torque motors for various types of robots. Strategic cooperation with Xinjiang Shige Textile, started cooperation with Xinjiang Shige Textile to create a modern technology industrial park with the whole proces intelligentized and digitalized. Estimated amount is about $280 million. Strategic cooperation with CM Energy and CM Xiageng, furthered cooperation in hydrogen energy industry to explore and cultivate its chain market. Suzhou Phase ll AC drive and servo system automation production base project and Suzhou R&D center project are under operation. Phase lll digital production base project is under construction.

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  • 2022

    Affected by the pandemic, the overall domestic economic situation has shown a downward trend. We forged ahead under the severe test, made every effort to continuously improve the quality of operation, and achieved steady growth and steady progress. In overseas market, we seize opportunities and make rapid progress. We mainly focus on highly prosperous industries such as high-efficiency motor drives, new energy, robots, 3C, lithium batteries, semiconductors, and energy storage, accelerating technology research and market promotion in emerging fields, and continuously introducing high-quality main business resources to the company, opening up new profit growth points. Xi'an R&D Center was established. VC5 Series PLC was launched on the market. Approved to set up "Jiangsu Postdoctoral Program" and "Jiangsu Postgraduate Workstation". VEICHI won 2022 "Golden Sycamore Award" for Best Internal Management Listed Company.

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  • 2021

    Under the guidance of the national dual-carbon strategy, VEICHI actively promotes the application of high-efficiency the motor drives and promotes the high-quality and sustainable deiterations to improve independent innovation capabilities and product performance. Continue to expand to the application fields of high performance, high quality, and high reliability. Give full play to the competitive advantages of local brands and implement import substitution strategies. VEICHI further improves the layout of industrial automation products and can provide customers with customized system solutions from a single product to a manufacturing process, and continuously enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of the enterprise. The overall operation of VEICHI in 2021 is in line with the company's strategic plan. Operating income and net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies achieved double growth. The revenue of VEICHI 2021 is 128,501,100 USD, year-on-year growth is 43.10%. As of December 31, 2021, VEICHI has 973 employees, of which 279 were specialized in R&D, accounting for 28.67% of the total number of employees. As of December 2021, VEICHI obtained 124 patents, including 28 invention patents. Suzhou VEICHI Phase II project was put into construction. AC800 series inverters, SD710 series servo systems, V7E series motors, and VC1 series PLC products are on the market. Enterprise Honor of 2021: Specializing in special new "little giant" enterprises; 2021 User Satisfaction Brand in the Field of Motion Control; Golden Bull Science and Technology Innovation Award;

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  • 2020

    VEICHI successfully landed on the A-share science and technology innovation board(Stock code: 688698). The revenue of VEICHI 2020 is 88,431,200 USD, year-on-year increase of 28.24%. AC310 series, IN310 series products were launched.

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  • 2019

    VEICHI India (Subsidiary company) Establish. VEICHI completed the shareholding system transformation. The strategic adjustment has achieved initial results, and industry sales have increased by 47.81% over the same period.

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  • 2018

    SD700 series servo motor drive system was launched. AC300 high performance inverter was fully listed.

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  • 2017

    SI30 Solar pump inverter was launched. VEICHI won the title of "High-tech Enterprise". VEICHI adjusted its strategy and implemented to regional + industry marketing model.

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  • 2016

    The first phase of the Suzhou VEICHI project was put into operation. Servo motion controller and AC200 inverter were launched.

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  • 2015

    AC80C high-performance vector inverter was launched. The first phase of the Suzhou VEICHI project was topped off.

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  • 2013

    Suzhou VEICHI Electric Co., Ltd. was established. The first generation servo system was successfully developed. Construction lifts and tower cranes were launched.

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  • 2005

    VEICHI set up business in Shenzhen. VEICHI produced the first generation of frequency inverters.

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