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  • CH310 Hoisting-specific AC Drive

    CH310 series features excellent torque control, reliable brake control timing, speed and torque monitoring, power optimization, position processing, intelligent deceleration and more, fully ensuring the safety, reliability and high efficiency of the hoisting appli-ances in harbor, ships, marine enginee

  • CH310E Elevator Drive

    Elevator drive system is critical for ensuring smooth. VEICHI CH310E elevator drive is used for gearless & geared applications, it greatly reduced energy consumption and enhance ride comfort.

  • GS10 Mini Pump Drive

    GS10 Mini pump Drive. Smart, Efficiency, Quiet, Reliable.

  • GS20 General Pump Drive

    GS20 General pump Drive. Smart, Efficiency, Quiet, Reliable.

  • GS00 Smart Pump Drive

    GS00 Smart pump Drive. Smart, Efficiency, Quiet, Reliable.

  • IN310 Industrial HVLS Fan Ceiling Fan Inverter

    IN310 integrated all-in-one machine is mainly composed of variable frequency drive, power-on rotary switch, speed control locator, LCD screen. It is an all-in-one machine that combines multiple functions, smooth start, ultra-quiet, small size, easy operation, energy saving and other advantages.

  • EHS100 Integrated Hydraulic Servo

    Combined with drive, motor and brake unit, it simplifies installation of lines, reduces bridges, trunking, connectors, reduces line nodes, reduces equipment complexity, improves space utilization, eliminates commissioning and power-up, and increases installation efficiency by 5 times the above.

  • AP100 Series PMSM Air Compressor Purpose VFD

    New Dark Gray Styling & Details Highlight Quality; Highly Integrated & Multiple Experiences in One; IP52 Protection Level Makes It Free From Oil Pollution; Unique Energy-Saving Vector Control Algorithm

  • SD650 Servo Drive for Electro Hydraulic Control System

    VEICHI SD650 servo drive is designed for electro hydraulic control system to adjust the electro hydraulic output more energy-savingly, suitable for single pump and multi-pump system.

  • AC70T Hoist Special Drive

    AC70T hoisting special frequency Drive is specially designed for the application: port machinery, ship machinery, construction machinery, mining machinery, cranes, gantry cranes, electric hoists, cranes and hoists.

  • AC70S Special Drive for Construction Elevator

    It is convenient for on-site maintenance of equipment and minimizes the cost of frequency conversion transformation of construction elevator.

  • SD500 Spindle Servo Srive

    SD500 is a new generation of high-performance spindle servo drive: standard double encoder interface can realize full-closed servo control of spindle motor, integrating speed control, position control and torque control.

  • QT Series Integrated Tower Crane Drive

    VEICHI provides good quality VFD drives for construction tower crane control system. It provides more efficient and safe solutions for controlling tower cranes.

  • AC300-C inverter for machine tool spindle

    AC300-C frequency converter for machine tool spindle, capable of open-loop, closed-loop control, synchronous and asynchronous drive. High-performance vector platform, vector control output frequency of 600Hz, with high-speed output characteristics.

  • AC300-Y inverter for punch press

    AC300-Y frequency converter for punch press, with narrow book design, saving installation space. European-style wiring, saving wiring time. Accurate torque excitation decoupling, excellent dynamic response, high starting torque and other characteristics.

  • S100 Material Lifting Intelligent Control System

    S100 is a special model developed for the intelligent control system of cargo construction elevators, including VFD, HMI touch screen, intelligent (unmanned) driving, humanoid detection, human-computer interaction, intelligent diagnosis, wireless remote control, wireless video transmission, automati

  • AC310-XL special inverter

    High Protective Structure Design Independent duct design to effectively resist metal dust PCBs are all thickened with tri-proof paint, High shock-resistant design

  • S200 Series Construction Lifting Integrated Machine

    The industry's first - construction and lifting integrated machine, it is a special model developed for the construction of the elevator electrical control system, set variable frequency control unit, logic control unit, lifting weight limiter, brake power supply, etc.

  • VC600 Water Jet Weaving Electrical Control System

    For the textile industry, electricity consumption is the main part of its production cost. The use of frequency conversion energy-saving transformation has become the most effective way for the textile industry to reduce the energy cost of dyeing yarn and improve the competitiveness of products.

  • AC200T special inverter for tension control

    AC200T series adopts international leading vector control technology and is compatible with asynchronous and synchronous motor control and open loop/closed loop control.

  • S200K Construction Hoist Control System

    VEICHI S200K is a professional and stable construction hoist control system which integrates user control panel. It's well-known for its high stability and professional design.

  • VHP800-E81 Series DC Power Supply Cabinet

    VHP800-E81 High-power supply system with multiple DC power modules, featuring with separate regulation of voltage, current or power, ensuring high regulation accuracy and fast response.

  • VHP800-E60 Series IGBT Power Module

    The VHP800-E60 power supply system integrates up to 7 IGBT modules in a modular format, allowing for flexible combination, and independently controls voltage, current, or power with high accuracy and speed.

  • HX1 Series Alkaline Electrolyzer

    This innovative approach results in this advanced hydrogen production equipment capability, providing performance on par with PEM systems but at a more competitive
    cost compared to market peers.

  • VHP800-C60 Series IGBT Power Module

    The VHP800-C60 IGBT power module adopts a two-stage scheme, with wide
    voltage and current range to deliver high efficiency, low
    interference and high precision.

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