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Engaged in the machine tool industry for ten years, the member unit of the machine tool industry is committed to creating professional machine tool industry products. Independent research and development of industrial motor control system, SD700 series feed axis servo and spindle servo SD500 servo system are combined. Cooperate with a number of CNC system manufacturers to jointly provide a complete set of electronic control solutions for the machine tool industry and create value for customers.

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  • SD500 Spindle Servo Srive

    SD500 is a new generation of high-performance spindle servo drive: standard double encoder interface can realize full-closed servo control of spindle motor, integrating speed control, position control and torque control.

  • AC300-C inverter for machine tool spindle

    AC300-C frequency converter for machine tool spindle, capable of open-loop, closed-loop control, synchronous and asynchronous drive. High-performance vector platform, vector control output frequency of 600Hz, with high-speed output characteristics.

  • AC300-Y inverter for punch press

    AC300-Y frequency converter for punch press, with narrow book design, saving installation space. European-style wiring, saving wiring time. Accurate torque excitation decoupling, excellent dynamic response, high starting torque and other characteristics.

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