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The products cover construction lifting integrated special plane, tower crane integrated driver, special frequency converter for lifting, etc. The product has the advantages of multi-function, stable performance, beautiful appearance and convenient installation. Provide customers with a high-performance, complete solution.

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  • CH310 Hoisting-specific AC Drive

    CH310 series features excellent torque control, reliable brake control timing, speed and torque monitoring, power optimization, position processing, intelligent deceleration and more, fully ensuring the safety, reliability and high efficiency of the hoisting appli-ances in harbor, ships, marine enginee

  • AC70T Hoist Special Drive

    AC70T hoisting special frequency Drive is specially designed for the application: port machinery, ship machinery, construction machinery, mining machinery, cranes, gantry cranes, electric hoists, cranes and hoists.

  • AC70S Special Drive for Construction Elevator

    It is convenient for on-site maintenance of equipment and minimizes the cost of frequency conversion transformation of construction elevator.

  • QT Series Integrated Tower Crane Drive

    VEICHI provides good quality VFD drives for construction tower crane control system. It provides more efficient and safe solutions for controlling tower cranes.

  • S100 Material Lifting Intelligent Control System

    S100 is a special model developed for the intelligent control system of cargo construction elevators, including VFD, HMI touch screen, intelligent (unmanned) driving, humanoid detection, human-computer interaction, intelligent diagnosis, wireless remote control, wireless video transmission, automati

  • S200 Series Construction Lifting Integrated Machine

    The industry's first - construction and lifting integrated machine, it is a special model developed for the construction of the elevator electrical control system, set variable frequency control unit, logic control unit, lifting weight limiter, brake power supply, etc.

  • S200K Construction Hoist Control System

    VEICHI S200K is a professional and stable construction hoist control system which integrates user control panel. It's well-known for its high stability and professional design.

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