Hydraulic Servo

The new generation of electro-hydraulic servo products integrates drive control, power output, and braking. It has the advantages of convenient installation, simple wiring, free from self-tuning and debugging, and a variety of given control methods. It has become an iterative product for the hydraulic industry such as injection molding machines, die casting machines, presses, and forging.

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  • EHS100 Integrated Hydraulic Servo

    Combined with drive, motor and brake unit, it simplifies installation of lines, reduces bridges, trunking, connectors, reduces line nodes, reduces equipment complexity, improves space utilization, eliminates commissioning and power-up, and increases installation efficiency by 5 times the above.

  • SD650 Servo Drive for Electro Hydraulic Control System

    VEICHI SD650 servo drive is designed for electro hydraulic control system to adjust the electro hydraulic output more energy-savingly, suitable for single pump and multi-pump system.

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