Solar Pump Technology Training Session

Jul 2, 2024

Victoria 1, Argyle Grand Hotel


We warmly invite you to attend VEICHI DAY on July 2, 2024, hosted by VEICHI with the support of our partner, CanadianSolar Energy Kenya.

Given the eco-friendly and cost-effective nature of solar water pumping systems, VEICHI's solar pumping inverters, known for their high MPPT efficiency, have been successfully implemented in countries such as India, Vietnam, Pakistan, Morocco, Sudan, Egypt, Yemen, and many others.

At VEICHI, we work hand in hand with our global partners and customers to enhance these initiatives with streamlined, sustainable, and intelligent system solutions.

CanadianSolar Energy Kenya is a limited company that specializes in Water, Renewable energy and stand-by power solutions with a ver-sion of providing only branded & quality solar produets and equipment in Kenya. lncorporaled in Nairobi, Kenya we are located at old Mombasa Road, Nairobi.

We earnestly invite you to engage in discussions about the advancements and technology in the solar water pumping industry and explore VEICHI’s solar products.

Thank you for your continued support. We eagerly anticipate a fruitful and enjoyable meeting with you!

Best regards.


The on-site training was held from 8:30am~12:00pm Kenya time, at the Argyle Grand Hotel on July 2, 2024.

Our event, themed "VEICHI DAY," focused on the development and technology of the solar water pumping industry and VEICHI solar products. The VEICHI solar water pump inverter is a high-efficiency controller designed to harness solar energy for driving water pumps used in agricultural irrigation, water supply systems, fountains, and groundwater management.

We highlighted the hardware and software features, as well as the maintenance of our products, followed by an open discussion after the training session.

Our goal is to provide superior products and solutions to every customer, and we remain dedicated to collaborating with our partners to create a greener, more innovative world.

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VEICHI Sales & Engineers Team

Jason Xiao

Senior Sales Manager, VEICHI

Taylor Lu

Regional Sales Manager, VEICHI

Jack Xing

Product Manager, VEICHI

Karl Shen

Senior Technical Engineer, VEICHI

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